PCEP attends kick off meeting for Circular Plastics Alliance

5 February 2019: Lucrece Foufopoulos – De Ridder, Borealis Executive Vice President Polyolefins and Innovation & Technology represented PCEP at the first meeting of the European Commission’s high-level Circular Plastics Alliance which was held in Brussels on 5 February 2019 during the EU industry days.

Vice-President Katainen chaired this first meeting of the  Circular Plastics Alliance which gathers public and private stakeholders in the plastics value chains to promote voluntary actions and commitments for more recycled plastics. 

The participants confirmed their commitment to work together along the plastics value chains and ensure that 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics are used to make products in the EU in 2025.

They agreed to work in priority on 5 topics: collection and sorting of plastic waste; product design for recycling; recycled plastic content in products; R&D and investments (including chemical recycling);  monitoring of recycled plastics sold in the EU.

As the value chain organization for polyolefins, representing 50% of the European plastics market, PCEP welcomes this initiative, only through collaboration of the entire value chain from resin producer to waste manager will we be able to transform from a linear to a circular economy.


First meeting of the Circular Plastics Alliance

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