PCEP welcomes advances demonstrated by Ellen MacArthur Foundation HolyGrail Project

17 May 2019: The HolyGrail project, facilitated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation was officially concluded on 23 May. PCEP was honoured to attend the proof-of-concept trials for the digital watermarking project, ‘Digital Watermarks At Work’, hosted by Tomra near Koblenz on 17 May.

The event included a live demo with an add-on module incorporated into an existing Tomra machine, effectively sorting out printed and embossed samples provided HolyGrail member companies.

We are delighted that so many PCEP members took part in this forward thinking project.  HolyGrail has proven that digital watermark technology can ‘revolutionise’ the industry’s approach to sorting, thereby increasing efficiencies and leading to high quality/high quantity recycled materials (including food grade PCR grades).

Digital watermarking is indeed a very exciting development that will also open new possibilities in communications to consumers, at point of purchase, during use and when it comes to deciding which bin to put it in.

Read more about the project in Packaging Europe:  https://packagingeurope.com/pioneering-sorting-technology-holygrail-project-moves-toward

Go and see for yourself! Take part in the next open house, being organized during K2019

Digital watermarking

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