PCEP Sec Gen moderates high-level panel on how value chain collaboration can enhance perceptions of plastic

Brussels, 27 October 2020 – PCEP Secretary General Venetia Spencer will moderate a high-level panel discussion at the ICIS Polyolefins Virtual Conference next month on how value chain collaboration can enhance the public perception of plastic.

PCEP is a media partner for the free online event taking place between 2-5 November and featuring polyolefins industry leaders and experts. The live panel debate on 4 November will feature Dorothee Arns, General Director of the European Association of Chemical Distributors, and Sophie Poelmans, Global Marketing Manager of Solvay.

Spencer said: “PCEP’s goal is to transform the entire polyolefin system from a linear to a circular one by bringing together organisations from every point in the polyolefin chain: brand owners, retailers, waste management organisations, recyclers, converters, producers and everyone else. Only through dialogue and collaboration across the whole sector – such as is taking place at this conference – can we achieve our mission.”

She continued: “Our three strategic goals for polyolefins are to design out waste; to keep maximum products and material in use for as long as possible; and then to recycle them into high-quality new raw material. Achieving these three goals will both transform the polyolefin industry itself, as well as the public perception of our products.”

More details of the ICIS Polyolefins Virtual Conference, as well as free registration, can be found here.

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