Covid-19 offers an opportunity to rebuild the entire PO value chain into a circular system

Brussels, 2 November 2020 – The Secretary General of the Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform (PCEP), Venetia Spencer, told a high-level gathering of business leaders, industry federations and EU policymakers that the Coronavirus crisis, while creating a global human tragedy and economic disaster, can and should be used as an opportunity to rebuild the entire plastic and packaging value chain as a circular economy.

In particular, Spencer reiterated calls by PCEP members for investment decisions taken by Member States as part of the EU’s recovery package to be focused on delivering the circular economy.

At the online European SDG Summit, Spencer said that investments in recycling technologies and better collection and sorting infrastructure, combined with the development of smart and evidence-based policies which do not discriminate between materials, and are based on a thorough impact assessment which includes the impacts of potential substitution of materials, will allow Europe to compete on a global scale and continue to lead the world’s circularity transition.

She continued: “Despite the enormous human tragedy and economic crisis resulting from the Covid pandemic, across the PCEP membership the commitment to the circular economy as the correct long-term strategic evolution of this industry remains unwavering. The focus is still absolutely there and the willingness among our members to work together and innovate together is already a huge shift in our industry – and it’s the only way to achieve a circular economy.”

Spencer was among panellists discussing ‘value chain collaboration to enable the circular economy’. The panel highlighted that frank collaboration along the value chain, and even between competing value chains, is absolutely essential in the transition to a circular economy. This roundtable also showcased the experiences of companies and industry platforms in building partnerships that are accelerating the transition towards circularity.

The European SDG Summit took place between 26-30 October and this year focused on ‘Impactful Partnerships to Build Back Better’. It called for a ‘European Pact for Sustainable Industry’ to bridge economic silos, across borders and value-chains, to foster the transformation required to achieve the goals set forth by the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

PCEP is a unique forum for all organisations and stakeholders in the polyolefin value chain to work together to advance the circular economy. It is the embodiment of the PO industry’s collective commitment to take responsibility for its products. Working collaboratively, PCEP has three strategic goals: designing out waste; keeping maximum products and materials in use; and recycling into high-quality new raw materials.

For more information, contact Venetia Spencer on

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