PCEP upgrades polyolefin industry’s voluntary pledge and commitments after hitting target ahead of schedule

The Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform (PCEP) has upgraded its voluntary plastics pledge and commitments after achieving its initial target ahead of schedule. In 2018, PCEP committed to strong voluntary action for the polyolefin value chain as part of the Circular Plastics Alliance and the European Commission’s campaign to reach 10 million tonnes of recycled plastic …

Green theme to PCEP’s virtual annual conference

Green was the theme of the day for PCEP’s 2021 annual conference, broadcast from a specialist film studio in Brussels. While online delegates will not have seen on their screens, Secretary General Venetia Spencer’s appearance as both keynote speaker and moderator was filmed in front of a green screen in a small studio. Commenting after …

Litter represents loss of useful and valuable material into the environment, PCEP tells Municipal Waste Europe seminar

“Litter falls outside of the ‘collected waste’ part of our activities – and that is fundamentally unacceptable. That’s a loss of material into the environment, which from our perspective is a loss of useful and valuable material that we could be able to reuse.”

PCEP Secretary General to address Future of Polyolefins summit

Only through dialogue and collaboration across the whole sector – such as is taking place at this summit – can we achieve our goals of a circular polyolefin economy

PCEP Sec Gen moderates high-level panel on how value chain collaboration can enhance perceptions of plastic

Our three strategic goals … will both transform the polyolefin industry itself, as well as the public perception of our products.

PCEP’s first AGM held online to elect new Board

Brussels, 4 May 2020 – Mark Vester has been elected Chair of the PCEP Steering Board at the organisation’s first AGM this week, which was held online due to the Coronavirus lockdown. The AGM was the first since PCEP’s formal establishment as an international non-profit at the start of February. Vester, a founding PCEP board …