PCEP welcomes new interim Secretary General

Danuta Slusarska has been seconded as interim Secretary General of the Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform (PCEP) from Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, while recruitment is underway for a permanent replacement of outgoing Secretary General Venetia Spencer. Ms. Slusarska’s appointment ensures that PCEP maintains its positive momentum at a critical moment for the industry’s transition to circularity. …

Green theme to PCEP’s virtual annual conference

Green was the theme of the day for PCEP’s 2021 annual conference, broadcast from a specialist film studio in Brussels. While online delegates will not have seen on their screens, Secretary General Venetia Spencer’s appearance as both keynote speaker and moderator was filmed in front of a green screen in a small studio. Commenting after …

Litter represents loss of useful and valuable material into the environment, PCEP tells Municipal Waste Europe seminar

“Litter falls outside of the ‘collected waste’ part of our activities – and that is fundamentally unacceptable. That’s a loss of material into the environment, which from our perspective is a loss of useful and valuable material that we could be able to reuse.”

PCEP Secretary General to address Future of Polyolefins summit

Only through dialogue and collaboration across the whole sector – such as is taking place at this summit – can we achieve our goals of a circular polyolefin economy

PCEP Secretary General to moderate summit debate on creating a coherent circular economy

Polyolefins (PO) represented 70% of European plastic packaging demand in 2018, according to a 2019 study carried out for PCEP by Conversio on collection and treatment of PO waste in EU, UK, Switzerland and Norway. The study also found that ​71% of collected post-consumer PO waste in 2019 was packaging and that collected packaging was the source of 83% of post-consumer recycled PO

Creating a single European market for waste recycling will be a game-changer, PCEP Secretary General tells the Ideas Festival

If Europe can improve the harmonisation of EPR schemes, then we could start to see real shifts. We have to treat Europe as a single market, in the same way that we do that for products

PCEP is hiring

We’re hiring! In these challenging times, join us in helping to drive the paradigm shift from our take-make-throw society to one that will be good for business, people and the planet? The Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform (PCEP) is a newly formed trade association charged with transforming our industry into a circular economy. We bring together …

PCEP online training explains how REACH deals with polymers

Brussels, 14 May 2020 – The Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform (PCEP) organised an online training workshop about plastics and the European Union’s REACH legislation together with expert knowledge partner Marcus Navin-Jones of the international law firm Keller & Heckman LLP. 56 participants joined the two-hour workshop, which looked at how polymers are dealt with under …

Plastix hosts PCEP recyclates workshop at its plant in Denmark

28-29 January 2020 – PCEP members gathered in Lemvig, on the north-west coast of Denmark, to take part in a hands-on workshop held at the factory site of the PCEP member Plastix. Plastix is a clean-tech manufacturer of Green Plastics. It transforms used, obsolete and abandoned fishing nets, ropes and post-use rigid plastic that would …

Steering Board’s first meeting held online

26 May 2020 – The Steering Board of PCEP met virtually in its first full meeting since the new board was appointed at the end of April. The Board took a number of decisions to improve the effectiveness of PCEP and its working groups. It decided each PCEP working group will have a Board Sponsor …