Steering Board’s first meeting held online

26 May 2020 – The Steering Board of PCEP met virtually in its first full meeting since the new board was appointed at the end of April.

The Board took a number of decisions to improve the effectiveness of PCEP and its working groups. It decided each PCEP working group will have a Board Sponsor who, together with the working group chair, will establish clear goals and milestones up to the end of 2021. In addition, the Board Sponsor will ensure that their group has appropriate staffing support, as well as act as the connection between the group and the Board.

The working group sponsors are: Advocacy – Mark Vester; Communications – Christoph Hoffman; Data – Harald Biederbick; Innovation – Eugenio Longo; End Markets – Gat Ramon; Collection & Sorting – Ton van der Giessen.

Board members also agreed that, from September 2020, working group meetings will no longer be open to non-members. However, attendance will still be allowed for new prospective PCEP members, as well as those whose membership is confirmed, but delayed due to the coronavirus crisis. The Board agreed to keep the 2021 membership fee structure the same as for 2020.

During its discussions – and as requested in the AGM – the Board approved a revised 2020 budget that included savings made due to the coronavirus crisis, reflecting the virtual nature of PCEP activities, but made no additional cuts.

Finally, the Board approved moving PCEP’s Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting to the Spring of 2021, accompanied by the publication of a 2020 Annual Report. A virtual General Meeting will be held in the fourth quarter of 2020 to adopt any items that require decisions before the end of the year.

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